Esperanza de Ana church partners support the ministry

  • through intentional prayer for the staff, families, and children

  • through member’s individual giving for specific ministry needs, and/or as monthly partners, or child sponsors

  • through corporate giving (church partners) who commit as part of their regular missions funding

  • through mission trips designed to meet ministry objectives through the gifts and talents unique to each team member

2019 Team Weeks are now being confirmed. See our Mission Team Calendar for availability.

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We host church partner volunteer teams and visitors throughout the year who are interested in a long-term relationship with the ministry and/or a short-term service opportunity to meet a specific ministry objective. Our principle objective for teams is that participants come to a new and deeper understanding of who God is and how He calls His followers to live in the world. We are committed to seeing lives transformed as they meet new cultures, experience God, and learn to receive and give as all nations worship together. Click here to see our 2019 Mission Team Calendar.

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We serve the church by providing a place where young leaders can be sent as missionary interns to serve and separate themselves to hear from God. They could be called to a career in foreign missions, choose a vocation that involves working in a different country, be led to do cross-cultural ministry in their own country, or commit to live a missional life in whatever circle they are placed.

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Be a part of the work on the field through intercessory prayer and wrap around support of our missionary staff and interns.