Launching Leaders is a scholarship fund that provides tuition, uniforms, books, and school supplies for Esperanza de Ana children. These children enter the program as their families are identified in crisis which puts the life of the child at-risk. As needed, children receive part-time residential care. 

Each child is enrolled in private school and provided with on-site educational reinforcement in the afternoon. Through focusing on holistic development, children are being prepared to form healthy families and become leaders in their community. 

A $500 gift will underwrite the school tuition for one year for a child. A gift of $150 will buy textbooks, a gift of $100 will buy a uniform, and a gift of $50 will buy school supplies. Any gift will help with other educational assistance support. Focusing on education is an important part of the long-term solution for helping children and families break the cycle of poverty.

The need is $32,000 to fund scholarships for 40 kids in 2017. School starts in Peru on March 6th. 

Click on Give Hope Now to make a donation. (Donations can be given annually, monthly, or quarterly.)