a family restoration and preservation center

Esperanza de Ana operates a center for family restoration and preservation. We seek to contribute to the integral development of children hand in hand with their families. Above all, we remain committed to being a hand that guides on the way to restoration & eternal hope.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Part-Time Residential

When families enter the program children are enrolled in school and receive 100% academic scholarship. Children are in overnight care Monday - Thursday. Daily routines are designed to aid with the healing process and model how a healthy family lives. 


As the family unit becomes stronger, parents assume more responsibility, children go home everyday. 100% academic scholarship is still provided, as well as a hot lunch and education reinforcement in the afternoon, sometimes the evening meal, too.



Families are kept intact thru long-term stabilization services. Parent classes are mandatory in all three service modalities; counseling and wrap-around supports are provided. Kids continue receiving 100% academic scholarship.