Since 2006, there have been many amazing volunteers who have given their hearts and hands to build the project that is serving the community of Chilca in Peru, today:  Esperanza de Ana (Hannah's Hope).  

During the five years of construction from 2006 to 2010, God was intricately writing many things to work together so that His story would be accomplished with the buildings and property.

In 2011, Esperanza de Ana was registered and accredited in Peru as a Residential Care Center.  That year nine children were transferred from a local children's home where they had been living for many years. Missionaries and national staff realized over that first year that the children were like so many other social orphans who have been institutionalized...desperately waiting to be restored to their families, suffering broken hearts and wounded spirits.  So, Esperanza de Ana changed it's model and became a family preservation and restoration program.

In 2012, thirty-six clients received services.  Thirteen children in full-time care from Monday to Friday received:

  • School scholarships

  • Educational reinforcement through two-hour after-school program

  • Nutritious meals

  • Daily discipleship by a caring, equipped team

  • Personal therapy for past trauma and current crises

  • Orientation in life skills and relevant themes for personal growth and health

  • Stronger, safer, more stable home environments for them and their siblings, cousins living in same home

Six parents and 7 extended family members received:

  • Orientation in life skills and relevant themes for their personal growth and health

  • Group and individual therapy for their own past traumas and current crises

  • Weekly counseling sessions for parenting and interpersonal relationship needs

The results of this service model included:

  • Children's right to live in family upheld

  • More stable homes and strengthened family relationships

  • More responsible parents who provided the following for their children

    • 100 percent of children's school supplies (up from 50 percent)

    • 100 percent of additional school fees (up from 10 percent)

    • 100 percent of children's clothing needs (up from 20 percent)

    • 44 percent of direct care for children (up from 13 percent)

In the US fall 2012 the ministry became affiliated with Christian Children's Home of Ohio. Esperanza de Ana's program aligned perfectly with their mission;  bringing healing to hurting children and families in Jesus’ Name. Their vision has also become ours; to be the organization of choice providing services that transform lives, families and communities.

A strong organization is one that is constantly evaluating and continuing to grow. Through the guidance of a quality improvement program we developed our 2013 operating plan and a five year strategic plan.  

In March of 2013, we extended afternoon care to include younger brothers and sisters of children in part-time residential care. Moms come every day to pick up these children and are responsible for getting them to school.  We provide academic scholarships, pick them up from school, provide a hot lunch, and education reinforcement in the afternoon.  Many times, they receive their evening meal, as well.

Convinced that focusing on education is the long-term solution for helping our children and families. We invested in additional staff to assist the children with remedial help to bring them to their grade level, as well as brought in more professionals for training and relevant workshops for the children and families.

In Fall 2013, we began the next phase in reintegration for our four original families (9 children).  The objective was to see them living full-time in family while continuing to serve them through home-based services and academic scholarships. Those services were based on their continued commitment to learn and grow together as a family, assuming more personal responsibility and collaborating with the center.

By January of 2014, two of the original four sibling groups were living in family again, while continuing to receive academic scholarship, after-school care and/or home-based services. 

In 2015, twenty-eight children from nine families received full scholarships. Parents and siblings of these children were all reached through our family strengthening program, Familias Fuertes. Over 80 individual lives experienced Christ's love for them, and many made decisions to become Christ-followers. Esperanza de Ana's  commitment is to long-term discipleship of these children and parents. 

In 2017, Single mommas and their children were our original clients, now we are also serving many fathers. Sixteen dads have benefited from the program last year: three single dads and 13 step-dads. In total, 36 parents received emotional support and life-skills training while 60 children received educational reinforcement and/or scholarships. Through Esperanza School 18,200 tutoring hours were given. In between Casa Esperanza and Esperanza School 18,000 meals were served.

In 2018, we grew in several ways. The addition of key staff members increased our ability to proclaim God’s faithfulness and access important national resources. We also improved training and support for our resident caregivers and teaching staff. Under the direction of Ana Dueñas Tocto, we added Launching Leaders (LL) to our family of ministries. LL is supporting teens in crisis, guiding graduating seniors entering higher education as the first generation their families to do so, and walking with our young mothers as they continue pursuing their education goals and learn to parent and develop healthy relationships in their new family life. 91 children served. 37 families. 21,403 meals provided. 35,760 tutoring hours through Esperanza School and countless more hours through Casa Esperanza. See our complete 2018 Review Letter in printable PDF for more updates and testimony.