Casa Esperanza


Part-time Residential Care

Casa Esperanza serves children who are at-risk. Their families are in crisis or have suffered trauma. As needed, children receive part-time residential care. They are enrolled in private school and provided with on-site educational reinforcement in the afternoon. Through focusing on holistic development, children are being prepared to form healthy families and become leaders in their community. 

Esperanza School

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After-school Program

Esperanza School provides nutritional lunches and education reinforcement to our scholarship students as well as community children. In a loving environment with teachers committed to develop personal relationships children grow and their gifts begin to emerge.  Esperanza de Ana missionaries and staff guide them to become lifelong learners and use their gifts to serve family and community. 

Launching Leaders

High school & Young Adults

The Launching Leaders program was created to provide support for high school juniors and seniors to enter higher education institutions and/or begin particular career paths. The program helps students plan life goals and move across social boundaries by successfully completing high school, continuing into vocational training or secondary education, beginning careers, and starting families.

Familias Fuertes 

Parents Program 

Restoring and preserving families is a foundational principle at Esperanza de Ana. Many of the parents served have migrated from the the jungle and highlands of Peru. They are without any support system. Counseling and workshops provide tools to strengthen parents and improve family health. Parents learn to set goals through developing annual Family Action Plans. Progress is measured and celebrated.