Brave, Talented Intern - Suzanna Esther

The Lord continues to bless this ministry with talented young leaders and Suzanna Esther is no exception! She, as well others serving here, comes to us from State College, PA. Suzanna Esther is an HDFS (Human Development and Family Studies) major with a minor in Child Maltreatment and Advocacy from Penn State University. She is completing her last semester of coursework interning at Esperanza de Ana. 

Abundant Life - 41.jpg

We could not have asked for a better-suited and gifted leader. Her unique background and skills have made her not only a valuable asset to the team, but a great encourager and friend to our staff. With her Spanish fluency, experience with children, and researcher's eye, she quickly became an integral part of the work we do with children and families that have experienced trauma and/or are in crisis. 

Suzanna Esther has been working alongside our families under the guidance of our national staff administrator, Irma Marquez. At our last family meeting, she led a creative activity that encouraged parents to make memories with their children and to prioritize spending quality time with them.


Suzanna Esther also works directly with our pre-school children; alongside our missionary staff member, Julie Lundberg. Her focus is on giving individual attention and support to three of our newest little ones in the program, Keyler, Kiery, and Irvin. These kids come from two families that have recently been admitted into the program, both passing through major crises. This is the first time for these 3 children to be in a structured environment. It is their first time to receive formal education, as well. Suzanna Esther is working hard to build their confidence in the classroom, helping them reach age-level standards in motor skills and and other development areas. This includes the task of helping them learn to follow classroom rhythms and focus on teacher instructions. 


This Friday, she is giving a workshop at our staff meeting on the theme: 'Risk and Protective Factors of Maltreatment'. We are grateful for the strength she brings to this team and the heart with which she loves and cares for the children here. 

¡Que Rico! 2017

Que Rico 2017 was our second annual Peruvian Food Fair benefit event in Kansas City. Support raised through this celebration of Peruvian culture goes directly toward helping cover the cost of food at Esperanza de Ana in 2018. We serve over 18,000 meals in a year to children in families recovering from trauma and/or experiencing crisis. Thank you to all those who participated!

Dental Clinic

¡Sonríe! Smile! 

The past few weeks the children at Esperanza de Ana have been getting some much needed dental work. Cleaning teeth, filing cavities, and 16 tooth extractions have been performed as a part of restoring the kids' teeth back to health. And they have been troopers! We are grateful to have this talented couple working on behalf of the dental health of the children here. Claudia and Luis are dentists in Lima who are preparing to go out onto the international mission field as medical professionals. Meanwhile, they have been such a valuable resource to our community. They serve with the apparent love of Christ and have partnered with us in investing in the individual education of each child and parent as we strive for improving their physical health. 


Claudia shared with our parents last week the importance of brushing your teeth and providing healthy meals for your kids. She explained the vital role the parents play in this endeavor, that the habits and lifestyle their kids develop at home will impact them for the rest of their lives. By providing education and training for our parents and for the kids, we are one step closer to helping them improve their overall physical health. Sealants, fluoride treatments, and a personal toothbrush were also provided to the children as part of the tooth decay prevention work. 

Pray our parents would be actively involved in helping meet the goals of physical health and hygiene we have established for the children. We all love to see their beautiful smiles!   

Beautiful Redemption

We are celebrating the redeeming work our Father has done in one of our precious older girls, Maricielo. On June 29, she came to our family day and brought her sweet daughter, Camila.

Maricielo and Camila

When she was 15 years old (two years ago), Cielo exposed her heart and fear to us, acknowledging her pregnancy, the fact that she didn’t want a child, and the pain that she knew that she would cause her momma. That day is etched in our minds. We were heartbroken with her. In faith, we encouraged Cielo that God could redeem all that seemed lost to her. It was a statement of faith and hope; we didn't see any good outcome at all. 

Today Cielito lives with her “mother-in-law” in the most safe and stable environment she has ever known. She is deeply in love with her daughter and is finishing high school. She has plans to take a gap year in 2018 and run a small business doing specialty hair-braiding. Maricielo then plans to continue her education. She and Camila’s daddy hope to marry when they finish their studies.  

We are truly amazed at the beautiful way God has redeemed this situation and how He is working in the lives of Cielo, Camila, and the family of the baby daddy. Rejoice with us in the faithfulness of our God! 

Maricielo's family are still in the program. Row 1, left to right: family photo, Mirtha, Mirtha and Viviana. Row 2, left to right: Maria de los Angeles, Viviana, Leonardo Lorenzo. Not pictured: Leo Leandro

God's Acts and Juan Diego

God is constantly working and simultaneously accomplishing His good in His World. 

Juan Diego and his brother, Jefferson, came to EA last year. Their parents were separating, one boy to live with dad and the other boy to live with mom. 

Juan Diego has some special needs and some special gifts. Connecting, focusing, and socializing are difficult for him. He had never experienced a safe place outside of his home where he was valued. Then his home began to break apart and his heart was further threatened. But God -- brought him to EA at just the right time. In EA's safe environment, surrounded by Christ's love, Juan Diego is blossoming through the affirmation of his own worth.  

This month our 4th - 6th graders all experienced their personal value when they joined together to serve the senior adults of our community through participating and assisting in a chair yoga class. They took very seriously the opportunity to help the seniors. Having value to serve gave them dignity. It was evident in the way that they carried themselves throughout preparing for the class. 

God's story is still being written in the life of each child and each senior adult who were there on this day. With his mighty hand and outstretched arm he is working to redeem and restore children and adults -- families -- and His world. 


Overcome with His Presence

A favorite part of welcoming missions teams here is the fellowship they bring. Alliance Christian Fellowship, ACF, came to serve with us in late May bringing laughter and fearless roof-conquering service, as they worked on building repairs. They sung this beautiful cry-of-our-hearts over the ministry; 'Your glory God, is what our hearts long for; To be overcome by Your presence, Lord.' It breathed life into our team. Through their spirit-empowered prayers, we felt encouraged and equipped. Celebrate with us the goodness of our God! 

'Holy Spirit' - Kari Jobe

There's nothing worth more that will ever come close
No thing can compare, You're our living hope
Your presence, Lord

I've tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free and my shame is undone
Your presence, Lord

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence, Lord

I've tasted and seen, of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free, and my shame is undone
By Your presence, Lord

Let us become more aware of Your presence
Let us experience the glory of Your goodness

Happy Mother's Day!

We love these mommas! For Mother's Day this year we hosted a luncheon event themed around the value, gifts and talents we have uniquely as women. Rejoice with us over these beautiful smilies found in the pictures below. Greater community and support is continuing to be forged among the mothers here and we are grateful. Thank you SCA Women's Ministry for your support and Julie Lundberg for your amazing leadership in the event planning.