Do you Read the Owner's Manual?

Years ago we could not have imagined that we would celebrate Father's Day at Esperanza de Ana. The majority of our families were made up of children and single moms. We are now seeing God work, putting fathers in families and strengthening unity and stability through their presence in the home. Thank you, Father God!! Many of the dads are growing in responsibility with their families, while also integrating into the community we have at EA. We know that God is in charge of what will come as a result of His good work in the lives of these men and their families.

Friday, June 15th we celebrated Fathers Day with our dads. We started with a fun and purposeful icebreaker that set up the direction we had prepared for the event in their honor. 

The majority of dads we have are not Christians so our staff wanted the focus to be for them to understand the importance of the Bible and its function in our lives. For this occasion, like for Mother's Day we had a donation from the women’s ministry at the SCA Church. We used the donation to bless each one of our fathers with the best gift they could receive, their own personal Bibles.

When the meeting was finishing up we had a time of sharing. We listened to the dads and heard that many of them were grateful for this time of celebration for them. Their sincere gratefulness was not expected and a real blessing for our staff to receive.  For many of those who participated, it was their first time to attend an EA workshop or event. It was encouraging to hear them express their feelings and share in a way that allowed us to know that the message that God had prepared for their lives was heard and received.

Thank you to each of you who prayed over this day and who support the ministry and mission of Esperanza de Ana.