A Walk to Remember

ACF came to visit! And it was a blast. They came over winter break, during the heat of the Peruvian summer, to help repair the concrete walkway outside the current classrooms at Esperanza School. Debbie Dudenhoefer says, 

It was the most intense team week, construction-wise, that I have experienced. Some may say I was a bit too tough, demanding lots of physical labor from this group of Penn State college students. But, the amazing thing was that God showed up and did big work in hearts, even though we had a crazy construction work schedule. I wish I could share the extent to how much this team week meant to me. I saw God show up big time in my weakness. I saw Him move as I stepped out in sharing testimony. I saw him move through these team members, encouraging one another and our high school students that served alongside us. They set an incredible example of loving others as brothers and sisters, and working with a contagious joy.