Llama or Alpaca?

Each month, the kids set goals for themselves; anything from keeping their clothes clean to memorizing Scripture to getting better grades.

At the end of the month, we celebrate! 

This June, the kids, staff, and a team with members from  RiverTree and our partner organization, CCHO, went to a granjita (petting zoo) in Pachacamac

Together we learned about plants, walked through the gardens, picked radishes, and planted seeds. The kids got to try their hand at bread-making, with great success! After it was baked, we enjoyed the fruits (or bread, rather) of their labor.

There were many baby animals: rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, and chicks, to pick up and pet. The kids enjoyed feeding birds, llamas, alpacas, and turtles. But one of our team members got a face full of llama spit!

There was also the opportunity to learn how to milk a cow.

The kids were eager to give it a try. Paloma was really excited, at least in theory. When it was finally her turn she cautiously approached the cow...and then decided, and then she decided MAYBE NOT.

After a hayride and some playground time, we went out for Pollo a la Brasa (rotisserie chicken) at Roky's. The achievement celebration system allows them to learn how to set tangible goals and the steps they need to take to find success. It is one of the important life-skills we focus on teaching both the children and their parents.