Let's Buggy!

Nathan and Elijah.jpg

Buggy is the spanish word for wheelbarrow. And it is pronounced "boogie". Buggies have been "making moves" all around here, powered by amazing volunteers. 

Esperanza de Ana is a campus with incredible buildings. We now have a total of 28 toilets on site! What does that mean? We have also learned the MAINTENANCE MAMBO!

Just as God raised up faithful people to come and build, he is providing servant-hearted disciples to do the necessary work of maintenance. Hands that Serve - Hearts that Love - Building for Eternity. God has written many lives into our story. 


Teams continue to be what makes this ministry happen. All donations go directly to program costs. We pay no maintenance staff. Teams and interns, are allowing us to be good stewards of the gifts He has given us. 

Likewise, we are learning that God wants us to focus on spiritual maintenance...practicing the disciplines that Christ demonstrated and as C.S. Lewis says, "Jesus Christ ordered us to do". 

This is Kingdom work. Both word and deed. And in it we are finding much joy.

And so we sing, dance, and celebrate. We strain, laugh, and fall flat. And we all walk away stronger. 


Teams, your work here is invaluable. You have greatly encouraged us by accomplishing so much through your physical labor. Thank you, most of all, for the work of prayer that you participated in.

If you would more information about teams, click here.