Graduates & Top-Ranked Students

In Peru, class rank is still a highly valued focus and achievement.  Along with our graduates, we are proud to recognize our ranking students.


Guisela (Cecilia) 2007                                  Guisela 2015

Congrats to this graduate!

Guisela  is still deciding between careers. Her long-term interests lie between 

education and pediatric medicine. For now she is thinking  of cosmetology

to help her with further studies. 





Congrats to this graduate!

Jose will continue his study of English and prepare for his entrance exams to

the premier technical school in Peru. He plans to become an electrician. He has

been practicing this trade with his new father for the last several summers. 




Top of the class! She is # 1

Allison regularly ranks in the top three in her class. She still has two years

left of high school to go. She is currently planning on public service in the

short-term, as a police officer.  Later, she plans to study English and eventually

become an accountant. 



Ranked in class for the first time ever!  First Place.

We could not be more proud of Milagros this year. When she wrote her

personal goals at the beginning of this year she included placing in the top

three of her class.  And she came in # 1!  You are awesome, Mila!





Maria, 3rd in her class

Maria is another student who places most years. This was Maria's first year

in home-based services since her family enrolled in the program in 2011.  

Without any education support, Maria still placed 3rd in her class! Congrats.




Leonardo, 2nd in his class

Leonardo is in his third year at Esperanza de Ana. He is very self-disciplined at 

home and at school. During after-school education support, Leo does his

work independently. Congrats Leo!





Ruby, 1st in her class

This is Ruby's first year at Esperanza de Ana. She was elected Brigadier

General (similar to class president) at the beginning  of this school year. Ruby

you are great!

Jose 2007                                                      Jose 2015

Allison 2007                                                  Allison 2015

Milagros 2007                                               Milagros 2015

Maria 2012                                                 Maria 2015

Leonardo 2012                                            Leonardo 2015

Ruby 2015