Dental Clinic

¡Sonríe! Smile! 

The past few weeks the children at Esperanza de Ana have been getting some much needed dental work. Cleaning teeth, filing cavities, and 16 tooth extractions have been performed as a part of restoring the kids' teeth back to health. And they have been troopers! We are grateful to have this talented couple working on behalf of the dental health of the children here. Claudia and Luis are dentists in Lima who are preparing to go out onto the international mission field as medical professionals. Meanwhile, they have been such a valuable resource to our community. They serve with the apparent love of Christ and have partnered with us in investing in the individual education of each child and parent as we strive for improving their physical health. 


Claudia shared with our parents last week the importance of brushing your teeth and providing healthy meals for your kids. She explained the vital role the parents play in this endeavor, that the habits and lifestyle their kids develop at home will impact them for the rest of their lives. By providing education and training for our parents and for the kids, we are one step closer to helping them improve their overall physical health. Sealants, fluoride treatments, and a personal toothbrush were also provided to the children as part of the tooth decay prevention work. 

Pray our parents would be actively involved in helping meet the goals of physical health and hygiene we have established for the children. We all love to see their beautiful smiles!