The Purpose and a Pool

Who are some of the #peoplethatmakeushappen? Our incredible missionary and national staff team! In 2011, the program began with two missionaries and two national staff members. Now there are 15 who make up our team. God has provided each one. Each one has unique gifts and skills. They come from different walks of life. Each is committed to the gospel ministry that we do everyday. 

What is our heartbeat at Esperanza de Ana?

This was one of the topics at our recent vision re-casting and team building day. We exist so that kids and families can experience their worth in Christ. A main focus of our mission is long-term discipleship, walking hand-in-hand with families. 

After our morning meeting, we were off to some one-of-a-kind team building activities at the pool! Facing fears and relying on your team members were the learning goals.

We warmed up with a water aerobics routine led by our summer intern, Lara. This helped get some folks more comfortable in the water. Many of our staff never learned to swim, just being in the pool was an achievement for them. These were big strides, stepping out of comfort zones and trusting team members.

Big smiles were all around during water aerobics time. We laughed at ourselves, knowing that everyone felt silly. But all stayed in the moment and enjoyed the exercise! 

Problem solving as a team. How do you untie a human knot? Well, it takes a good deal of communication and coordination. All lessons we need to learn and improve on as we continue to work together throughout the year. There was non-stop laughter as we tried to untangle!


And one special introduction: meet Miguel & Madeleine....our new "house parents."

Miguel has returned to his role discipling the boys who receive part-time residential-care services. He first served at Esperanza de Ana three years ago. We are very happy to have him back!

Madeleine is brand new to our team. She teaches the first-graders in after-school program, La Escuela.  In the evenings she serves as Miguel does, discipling the girls in residential care.

Although Madeleine is the youngest staff member, she has many years experience serving in the church, teaching Sunday School by herself, leading the worship team, and working with church youth.  She is strong in her faith and has a precious sweetness that blesses our whole team. 


After a full day of gearing up for 2017, we were ready to press on together for whatever may come! 

(2016 EA staff team at the end of our annual Christmas party with the families.)

(2016 EA staff team at the end of our annual Christmas party with the families.)