God's Acts and Juan Diego

God is constantly working and simultaneously accomplishing His good in His World. 

Juan Diego and his brother, Jefferson, came to EA last year. Their parents were separating, one boy to live with dad and the other boy to live with mom. 

Juan Diego has some special needs and some special gifts. Connecting, focusing, and socializing are difficult for him. He had never experienced a safe place outside of his home where he was valued. Then his home began to break apart and his heart was further threatened. But God -- brought him to EA at just the right time. In EA's safe environment, surrounded by Christ's love, Juan Diego is blossoming through the affirmation of his own worth.  

This month our 4th - 6th graders all experienced their personal value when they joined together to serve the senior adults of our community through participating and assisting in a chair yoga class. They took very seriously the opportunity to help the seniors. Having value to serve gave them dignity. It was evident in the way that they carried themselves throughout preparing for the class. 

God's story is still being written in the life of each child and each senior adult who were there on this day. With his mighty hand and outstretched arm he is working to redeem and restore children and adults -- families -- and His world.