Beautiful Redemption

We are celebrating the redeeming work our Father has done in one of our precious older girls, Maricielo. On June 29, she came to our family day and brought her sweet daughter, Camila.

Maricielo and Camila

When she was 15 years old (two years ago), Cielo exposed her heart and fear to us, acknowledging her pregnancy, the fact that she didn’t want a child, and the pain that she knew that she would cause her momma. That day is etched in our minds. We were heartbroken with her. In faith, we encouraged Cielo that God could redeem all that seemed lost to her. It was a statement of faith and hope; we didn't see any good outcome at all. 

Today Cielito lives with her “mother-in-law” in the most safe and stable environment she has ever known. She is deeply in love with her daughter and is finishing high school. She has plans to take a gap year in 2018 and run a small business doing specialty hair-braiding. Maricielo then plans to continue her education. She and Camila’s daddy hope to marry when they finish their studies.  

We are truly amazed at the beautiful way God has redeemed this situation and how He is working in the lives of Cielo, Camila, and the family of the baby daddy. Rejoice with us in the faithfulness of our God! 

Maricielo's family are still in the program. Row 1, left to right: family photo, Mirtha, Mirtha and Viviana. Row 2, left to right: Maria de los Angeles, Viviana, Leonardo Lorenzo. Not pictured: Leo Leandro