Captain Underpants— In Peru

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Juan Diego, our resident entrepreneur, recently started reading the Captain Underpants comic books. One day, he came to class excited to show Vanessa a copy of his very own Captain Underpants comic book that he wrote and illustrated himself. He was proud of his comics and decided to sell his work: S/.1 or 30 cents each.

After Juan Diego made his comic book and took the initiative to market and sell it, the rest of the class took notice. One by one the rest of his classmates started writing their own Captain Underpants stories and asking Juan Diego’s advice on storylines and how something could best be drawn.

Juan Diego’s talent and initiative has served him well, instead of getting distracted while doing his homework he is focused. He finishes quickly so he can get started working on more editions of Captain Underpants. The entire class reserves class time to work on their writing and illustrations, focusing on finishing their homework early so they have time to work on their comic books, too.

The class has united through this child initiated project, kids that didn’t get along before are now working together. They have all found a book that they enjoy reading and an endless stream of creativity has flowed out of it.