Gateway…Getting Dirty

One of our partners, Gateway Church of Blue Springs (Missouri), recently requested that we take some time and answer a few questions. The first question was,

In what ways do you feel best supported by individuals and churches that partner with you?

We are so blessed by the many partners who walk alongside us, but “best supported” caused us to pause and think. We answered,

What brings our missionary team the greatest joy and encouragement is having at least a few individuals within the church body who come and serve regularly (pray and get dirty). They can fully identify with the work that God is doing and how it requires us to live. Through these personal relationships, we are affirmed and encouraged. Our work is validated and the burden is shared.

With humble gratefulness, we say thank you. The body of Christ has wrapped around us through several committed individuals who partner with us in multiple ways. We know that they are raised up by God and are obedient to him. We know that they represent the love and support we have from their greater church families. 

We experienced this strong support recently through a very special mission team from Gateway church this October. They were not afraid to jump into our work and get dirty! Most of the team had been to Esperanza de Ana several times before, bringing a sweet family-like quality to the trip. But even the ‘new guy’ (as he was called) surprised us by the quiet strength and leadership he brought to the team.

Many times people undervalue the service that they can do for us. Yes, visits (mission teams) help to form personal relationships in a unique way and help advance the work here. But there are other gifts that people give that are intangible and priceless. Words of encouragement stick with us, and we know that they are accompanied by prayer. 

He will surely do it! ~Peggy

…a cup of cold water to these little ones… ~Faith

God of wonders and miracles! ~Marsha

To those who are walking alongside us in all different capacities, your friendship and partnership lift us up and carry us. Gracias y Gloria a Dios!!