EA's Growing Team -- meet our newest staff members

Introducing—David, Dina, Mahidi, and Brenda, new members of our EA team. 



Presentamos a Dina. We have known Dina since 2008 and have been blessed to witness her heart of service for the people of Peru and mission teams that visit from abroad. It has been a long-time hope to have her work with us; God has answered the prayer of our hearts. She will be serving as home missionary.  She is uniquely talented and will communicate the gospel through her many gifts. 



Presentamos a David. Many of you know him. We are excited to have David return to EA as missionary and in new role. He has become a famous photographer (wink)!! But what we love about him is his pastor’s heart and through the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his life we know that our children, families, and national staff will be encouraged and grow.  




Presentamos a Brenda. She is a native our own town. Brenda is 21 years old and studied psychology at Alas Peruanas. She is joining us for a one-year internship under the supervision of Irma. She has a beautiful spirit and a passion for children and families. And…she has some English :-). 



Presentamos a Mahidi. We know this precious young woman through our local church. She serves in leadership there. Mahidi will serve as a house parent in our part-time residential program as well as a teacher in the after school program. Mahidi has a passion to listen well to the words and hearts of children.  She has a gift for gentle firmness that serves well here at Esperanza de Ana.