Summer School 2018


Summer is here! That means so is our summer program. This year we have five classrooms with kids from ages 2 to 15; have welcomed twelve new kids into the program, a total of 8 new families.

These precious lives add to the growing number of students at EA. They are spending their summer reading, practicing their math skills, taking art class, making crafts, and having dynamic game time to work on their logic and motor skills. At Esperanza de Ana they have a place to belong, be accepted and be loved well. Praise God for He each one he has chosen to be here where they can play, learn, and grow.

Yamiret and Stif are the two youngest we have this year. Both are having fun with their teacher and new friends. At EA they have access to grow many necessary early development skills. We love watching the littlest ones learn.

Jair and Johan have joined us for the first time this year and have quickly made new friends in their classroom. They've gotten to read a lot and have even created their own characters and stories. They have shown a lot of creative skills. We focus on reading and writing 

Most of our new kids aren't kids at all. They're teenagers! Terry, Kaled, Carolay, Linda, Antony, Brayan, and Yheik have spent their summer learning how to create and sell a product. They have been working very hard and it shows. Their craftsmanship shines through and we are glad to see them expanding their views of what they can do. 

We are so thankful for the opportunity to reach more and more families every year as we grow and trust the Lord to bring us to those who need him the most. Pray that these kids' lives would be greatly impacted because of their time at Esperanza de Ana.