Education Beyond the Classroom

We are growing more and more every year. This year we have 17 high schoolers attending our after school program! It's great to see so many teenagers focusing on their schoolwork in an environment that encourages hard work and education.

Ana is teacher in this classroom. She has a heart to see each kid grow and do better in their studies. She is dedicated to see each one do not only their work but also grow as individuals. Her heart for them goes beyond the classroom. 

The focus for these kids is not only that they complete their homework assigned from school. They spend time reading the Bible to practice their reading skills, but also to learn what the Bible says, who God is, and who they are. We desire that each one knows how much their Heavenly Father loves them.

Time management has become a focus as well. Many have been making personal schedules of their days, planning out when to wake up, when to eat, when they need to leave for school in the morning, etc. They are starting to understand the importance of having a plan of what they need to accomplish each day and where they have free time to fill with what they want to do.

We are excited for the ways each adolescent is growing. Pray for them as they work this year, not just on their studies, but on themselves too. Pray that they develop their confidence, time management, work ethic, and personal relationships. Pray that they learn to be better friends, sons, daughters, and members of their community.