1 to 3's

Meet Lia, Valentina, Yamiré, Luis Alejandro, and Esperanza in our new classroom for the 1, 2, and 3 year olds. 

At the beginning of the year we recognized the need for a class specifically for younger preschool kids. In our community, many in this age group are at risk to neglectful situations if left at home. We opened a classroom just for them, a safe and loving place to learn. At EA we value education and know that it is important to start as young as possible to encourage development in each child according to their age. These little ones spend their afternoons eating, listening to music, dancing, reading, napping, playing, and practicing their fine motor skills through dynamic activities.

Our teacher in this classroom is Miss Guisela, mom to Lia. She has wonderful leadership skills and a huge heart that makes her the perfect fit to care for these little ones. She is committed to love and teach each one in her care, and is able to give each one the individual attention they need.

We are grateful for each child and the opportunity to see them grow, learn and play at Esperanza de Ana.