Construction & Community

What is a maestro exactly? In Peru, the term maestro translates to master builder or lead foreman on a construction project. They are responsible for leading their crew and executing the work according to plans. It is a hard job that requires a great deal of leadership.

Jose is our lead maestro on this current expansion project and has been a part of building projects here since 2007. He is an amazing leader and has brought much strength to this current project. Jose has been guiding the team in the practical steps of seeing this building project through, but more importantly, he has been investing in creating community among the construction crew. 

Every morning the construction team begins their day with prayer and a short reflection on God's word. Jose has been leading this time and inviting others from the group to share as well. Rony, the youngest in this group, expressed how much he is enjoying working in an environment where he is free to share his faith. He finds encouragement in the work he is witnessing God do in their hearts.

Luis, a father to two children in Casa Esperanza, our overnight program, has found a community where he is accepted and loved, something he did not believe was possible. As we were celebrating the birthday of Manuel, an incredibly hard worker whose joy and laughter is contagious, Luis shared how working with this team has impacted him. 


“Since working on this project, and getting to know you guys and the way you interact and work. It’s changed my perspective on life. I had shut myself off from the rest of the world. I felt judged by others and alone. Working with you all has surprised me. The joy and care you have for one another, its not like anything I have seen before. It’s showed me that it is worth getting to know the people around me. I came into this project thinking my life was a closed book, but now I am looking at my life with new hope.”

Luis' testimony is a beautiful picture of the building of community that is taking place as we build and expand our facilities. God's presence and provision is abundantly evident among this team. It is a joy to witness what the Lord has been working out during this time of construction.  

Have you ever tried Peruvian Pachamanca? The dish literally translates to Earth Pot. We celebrated Día del Trabajador (Labor Day) with the construction crew and their families. It was a sweet time of celebrating the hard work they have each invested into the building of EA and the new friendships that have formed in the process.