Desire for Faith

Emerson recently shared his thoughts with Irma about a movie that he saw at home.

Death wanted to take a father from his children. When Death came the first time, the oldest child confronted him. You can’t take my dad yet, leave him alone for 10 years. Death agreed and left.

After 10 years, Death came back and spoke to the next child. Now I will take your father. The child replied. Not yet, leave him alone for 5 more years. Death agreed and left again.

Five years passed and Death came back. This time the youngest child spoke to Death. I am going to light this candle and when there’s nothing left of it then you can take my father. Death thought to himself. This is the dumbest child yet. The candle will go out in no time at all. I will take this father from his children very soon now.

But…the child blew out the candle. Death had to leave. The candle was never used up, so Death never came back to take the children’s father.

Emerson was excited and questioned Irma. Isn’t the candle like faith? Faith will never go out. The candle was never used up and so it never went out. This is what I feel in my heart. I want my faith to be like that.

This story is evidence of God at work transforming the mind of a child. We can rejoice! Our Father will honor the desire of Emerson’s heart as He promises, because the desire of Emerson’s heart is the same as the desire that God has for him.

Pray for Emerson to have growing faith. Pray protection over his mind and body. Pray that he continues to be Spirit-sensitive and be able to hear what God is telling him, teaching him, and where he is leading him. Celebrate with us, the good work God is doing in Emerson!