A Beautiful, Unforgettable Experience

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On the third weekend of September, thirty girls and women from the EA community attended a women’s conference at Camino de Vida church in Lima.

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Read how the conference impacted Paloma, Irma, and Nataly.

“My experience was beautiful, unforgettable, an experience that made me reflect on how Jesus insists to enter my heart. The word of God nourishes our souls. We have to live in His grace and mercy. Let Jesus take control of our lives and walk on the good path, leave our boat of failure and rejection. We as God’s children can show our love for Him. Tell Him how much we love him, worship him, speak with him. I loved the conference. What I learned I will put into practice, “Let Jesus come into my home,” into my heart. I also learned that what God promises, he does. His word has power. He is our Heavenly Father, our Creator.” -Paloma, 17

On Sunday morning, I woke up thinking about Revelation 3:20 crying, weeping because I understood the following: On December 5th, it will be 25 years since I recieved Jesus in my heart; but the sad thing is that I did not welcome him. I kept living according to my will, taking control of my own life…and I have suffered the consequences. I am thankful for this conference and it seems like it was designed to open my eyes. That same morning I was comforted by Jesus and I dried my tears and I got up on my feet to welcome the King of Glory so that he could make his home in my house. Since then I have a new start and I have come up against the challenges of life without fear because the King of Glory is with me.” -Irma, director of EA

“I loved the word that Andi gave, that when God takes us from where we were lost we don’t have to go back to that place.” -Nataly, 14

This conference was a time of rest, returning, retreat, and renewal for the lives of all that attended. We are thankful for the time we spent together worshiping and hearing from God’s word.