Healthcare Heals Hearts

First Baptist Church of Hudson and the McBurney family made a huge impact at EA during their two week mission trip. 

The focus of Week One was medical exams for 60 students in the Esperanza School program. Kirsten, team leader and nurse, led the team in checking hearts, lungs, and vitals. They gave the students a series of physical challenges to check the basic health, too.

Most importantly, they went slow and showed value to each child. Hearts begin to heal through Christ's love when children begin to know their worth.

Week Two welcomed Doc McBurney. Kirsten used her Columbian spanish, medical skills, and life experience to work with our staff on a pilot program focused on educating our parents through evaluating their health in 7 different areas: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational. There is cross-over in this holistic view, but breaking health into these areas helped us to make parents aware of their needs and the needs of their children. 

This pilot program also allowed for the development of new relationships and the deepening of "old" relationships. Again, valuing people through loving relationships and communicating Christ's love is the path to healing hearts.