Building Prayer Teams

In April of 2016, First Baptist of Hudson (NC) gave a major gift toward to the Esperanza de Ana Scholarship Fund which allowed us to begin serving more children and families. Last year, in November, they held a sponsorship drive. 

We now have 19 sponsors from Hudson First and six of them came to visit this year!

Child sponsorship at Esperanza de Ana is about building a prayer team for each child, people who also help cover the cost of the services that they receive through EA. You can read more about our sponsorship program here

Your commitment to sponsor a child is an investment in the kingdom of God. Our Father is accomplishing His purposes through this mission work, through each child, and through families in ways that we do see and in many ways that we do not. 

If you are reading this and are one of our sponsors, thank you! Thank you for your commitment to Esperanza de Ana. Know that you are in our hearts. We lift you up in prayer every Thursday morning. We love thanking God for you by name. Thank you for loving us and supporting EA students.