Thank you to each one who participated in our ¡Que Rico! Fund-Our-Food online event.

We served 21,403 plates in 2018. Our budgeted food cost for 2019 is $21,606.

The end-of-the-year and Christmas giving of so many helped us pass our goal!

Final total given: $23,232

From December 8th - December 31st, gifts made to ¡Que Rico! were matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor and 10,000 additional dollars were given to the building fund.

It has been an incredible encouragement and faith-builder for all of us at Esperanza de Ana as we have watched God work through the hearts and lives of old and new friends. We are doing the happy dance—in worship to our God!

Thank you to our amigos increíbles!


  • A majority of the children’s protein comes through beans.

  • We eat split peas, lentils, garbanzos, and black-eyed beans weekly.

  • NEED: One person to give $1,000

  • Updated November 27: COMPLETED!


  • Peru grows around 4,000 varieties of potatoes!

  • We serve 44 lbs of potatoes each week.

  • NEED: Eight people to give $100

  • Updated December 18: COMPLETED!


  • We buy 8-9 chickens a week. Eight chickens split between 80 plates at lunch.

  • Three months of chicken cost about $600.

  • NEED: Four people to give $600

  • Updated December 10: COMPLETED!


  • Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beets, peas, cucumbers, onions, garlic, squash and more purchased weekly.

  • Each month we spend $280 on vegetables.

  • NEED: Six people to give $560

  • Updated December 21: COMPLETED +1!


  • We serve 200+ lbs of rice each month of a medium quality.

  • Rice costs a little more than $130 each month.

  • NEED: Four people to give $400

  • Updated December 20: COMPLETED!


  • Drinkable oatmeal w/milk or drinkable yogurt are breakfast staples.

  • Breakfast milk costs about $600 a year.

  • NEED: Six people to give $100

  • Updated December 18: COMPLETED +1 :-)!!


  • We use three cartons of thirty eggs each week.

  • Eggs are sometimes used as protein source at lunch or dinner meal.

  • Two months of eggs costs about $90

  • NEED: Six people to give $90

  • Updated December 20: COMPLETED!


  • Breakfast is a small meal in Peru and usually includes fruit and bread.

  • Fruit costs about $225 each month.

  • NEED: Twelve people to give $225

  • Updated December 10: COMPLETED!


  • Bread spread with peanut butter donated and delivered by mission teams is a common breakfast sandwich at EA.

  • 6 months of bread costs about $180.

  • NEED: Two people to give $180

  • Updated December 3: COMPLETED!


  • Plates are served for all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Lunch is our largest plate and largest meal gathering.

  • One dollar per plate, give any amount (40 plates = $40, 75 plates = $75)

Please consider sharing this page with your friends and inviting them to do their Christmas giving through providing food for the children of EA!